This process finalizes your music bringing it to the standard needed for the format requested (Digital, Spotify, iTunes Music / CD / vinyl / cassette). The process polishes the mixdown, enhancing your sound with more detail and warmth, always following your artistic vision.
When stereo mastering is not enough you can provide us the main stems of your song like kick, bass, drums, synth, instruments and vocals. They will be balanced and improved to achieve the best sound possible, giving us the chance to work on your music with even more detail.
Stereo Mastering
Stem Mastering
Do you feel your song is unfinished or it does not sound as you wish? We can analyze your production together and listen to what can be improved or changed to reach the result you're after. We also offer additional production and mixing on selected projects. We're specialised in ambient, electronic, dub and experimental music.
Private lessons on different subjects like music production, mixing, mastering, Ableton Live, sound synthesis and design. We also offer consultancy regarding studio acoustics and live set preparation. If you have other needs, just write us and we will do our best to help you out.
Production & Mix Feedback
One To One Lessons
2030, A Thousand Details, ASC, Acidulant, Ajtim, Alan Backdrop, Antonio Vázquez, Araceae, Archives, Artefakt, As Patria, Astronomy Domine, Atariame, Ataxy, Babe Roots, Bobet, Carlota, Christina Giannone, Chnl, Citty, Claudio Prc, Commodity Place, Data Domain, Dez Williams, Edanticonf, Evasion Room Records, Faint, Faru, Feral, Fjäder, Formant Value, Gigi Masin, Hydrangea, Irakli, Irammm, JakoJako, Jamida, Javier Marimon, José Soberanes, Kanthor, Kappah, Kuldaboli, Lauge, Luigi Tozzi, Mareena, Matt Thibideau, Merchant Of Salt, Midnat, Milena Glowacka, Mind Over MIDI, Mykja, Månljus, Mørk, N.d, Nebbiosa, Nicolata Tinti, Ntogn, Phase I, Plant43, Powlos, Purl, Railster, Refracted, Rivocs, Robert Farrugia, Roberto Figus, SVLBRD, Scannt, Scav, Shaded Explorations, Shaded Explorer, Simone Gatto, Sonitus Eco, Stojche, The Exaltics, The Lone Roamer, The Noisemaker, The Outsider, The Parallel, Tom Adams, Tomi Chair, Tripsolate, Vadim Griboedov, Vargrav, Vizar, Volster, Warmth.
Emanuele Pertoldi studied electronics and took a Bachelor Of Arts in Music Production.

Throughout his musical career he launched the labels Evasion Room Records and Shaded Explorations. He has played as Shaded Explorer and with other projects in various clubs and festivals in Europe like Tresor and Club2Club.

With two colleagues he founded Evasion Room Studio, where they worked with production and post-production for music and media. He also teaches music production at Music Academy. After 10 years of experience in the audio field he launches Organic Audio, a studio that specializes in mastering but also on music production and sound design alongside Andrea Peluso.

"I think my job should be a great balance between artistic vision and technical awareness. I do my best to take care of the sound of the artist, making her/his art shine, respecting the intention of the music. I believe beauty lies in diversity so every time my approach tries to amplify the singularity of the artist."
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Emanuele Pertoldi - Organic Audio
VAT ID: IT02836340303
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