We love to collect sounds both outdoors and in the studio using various recording methods, ranging from binaural audio to ambisonics. You will discover that among what surrounds us is hidden a rich world of sounds.
We compose soundtracks for films, documentaries, commercials and create sounds for art installations and performances. Together we will be able to shape a unique audio-visual synergy.
Field Recording
Original Music
Do you need to give a twist to your project? We can help you by creating bespoke sounds. Sound effects, custom libraries, audio branding, you name it. We will figure out the right solution for you.
We finalize the audio we created for you following the standards needed for any type of multimedia format (Cinema, TV, Youtube, Social Media, VR/AR, etc.), saving your time and ensuring you the best quality.
Sound Design
Organic Audio is a studio that takes care of the music and all the audio stages in your project. We can give voice to your vision recording, creating and finalizing original music and sounds, which in synergy give life to unique and unrepeatable crafts. We will be happy to share with you our passion and curiosity for sound, that guided us through years of study, nerdism and creative experiments.

"We see ourselves as sound artisans. Our experience is the result of deep listening and a long research. We believe beauty lies in diversity so every time our approach tries to amplify the singularity of the project."
VAT ID: IT02836340303
Via Ronchi 53

E-mail: organicaudio.it@gmail.com
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.