Whispers from the woods, earthy rhythms, fairy-tale voices.
We are Treeorganico, a trio born in Udine in 2020 and formed by two music producers and sound artisans, Emanuele Pertoldi and Andrea Peluso, and a performer and composer, Camilla Isola.

We focus our research around the practices of field recording and we primarily explore the sounds of the natural environments of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the region we come from.
With the material we gain in our explorations we then work in the studio and we create music compositions for our concerts, installations, choreographic work and cinematographic shorts. We work on our personal projects but we also love to collaborate with other artists.

Our main objective is to bring those who approach our ideas closer to the natural environments of the Friulan region, we do so by guiding open air sound explorations as well as by delivering art works that aim to recreate through sound and visual those sensations experienced and recorded during the explorations into the wild.

Whispers from the woods, earthy rhythms, fairy-tale voices. A music project created only with sounds recorded in nature, voice and flute.

We devise and perform a music live set of around 50 minutes which takes inspiration from the atmospheres and sounds of the landscapes in Friuli Venezia Giulia, our native land.
We record sound and write texts while in nature, then we rework all the material in the studio, giving it a new form and usually accompanying it with voice and flute.

For the making of our first album we collaborated with our friends and musicians Lucia Violetta Gasti (violin) and Massimo Silverio (cello).

In the past yers we performed our live concert at Non Frequenze Festival (TO), Aeson Festival (GO), Sexto 'Nplugged (PN), Far East Festival (UD), Slow Light Seeking Darkness (Croatia), Isola di Stavoli (UD) and others and we exhibited our video-sound installations at Invisible Cities (GO), Mittelfest (UD), Danzare a Monte (TN), DobiaH2O (GO), Sexto 'Nplugged Convergenze (PN) and Festival dell'Acqua (GO).


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