Field Recording Workshop

Listening and recording the natural landscape.
As Organic Audio we offer workshops based on learning activities around the theme of listening and recording the natural landscape. The goal is to use sound as a means to reconnect with nature and experience the environment through active listening so to inhabit it differently, with a greater awareness of what is around.

During the workshops we experience different activities that lead the participants through an attentive and active use of their physical and audible perception, we give time to dive into real world first by listening and then by interacting with the landscape.

When we are ready we start to investigate sound through the use of contact microphones, hydrophones, directional and omnidirectional mics, offering the participants new listening points.
We hear up close how water, trees, stones and the various elements of the surrounding landscape sound and resonate, letting them be or interacting with them to discover new sounds.

Our workshops are open to all participants that have, or want to gain, knowledge about sound, listening and field recording practices.

Past workshops:

2022 DobiaLab. Staranzano (GO), Italy
2022 Non Frequenze Festival. Torino (TO), Italy
2023 Aeson Festival. Fiumicello (GO), Italy
2023 L'Isola di Stavoli. Stavoli (UD), Italy
2023 Nature Beats. Parco Preapli Giulie (UD), Italy
2024 Biotopo Schiavetti (UD), Italy
Il suono del selvatico - Aeson, Fiumicello (UD) - Photos by Aeson
Nature Beats - Resia (UD) - Photos by Enreeco

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