Cjossul Mini

Hi, I'm Cjossul! I was born in Friuli and I'm hand made by the guys of Organic Audio with high quality components and passion. My name in Friulano language means "thing/tool". In fact, I'm a useful device for capturing vibrations from the liquid and solid world around you.
I also have a magnet so you can easily attach me to metal surfaces.

I can work straight away with a mic input but this way you'll loose some bass. To work properly I need an HI-Z / Instrument input or a Eurorack Modular preamp (like Mutable Instruments Ears). This way you'll hear the low frequencies better.

I'm waterproof and resistant but be aware of not throwing my cable on cutting materials. When you use me in salt water wash me and dry me after. I'm humble and simple yet alongside your creativity we can discover and create amazing sounds together!