Stereo Mastering: this process finalizes your music bringing it to the standard needed for the format requested. The process polishes the mixdown, enhancing your sound with more punch, detail and warmth when needed, always following your artistic vision.

Stem Mastering:
when stereo mastering is not enough you can provide the main stems of your song like kick, bass, drums, synth, instruments and vocals. They will be balanced and improved to achieve the best sound possible.

Restoration: this process can give a new clarity to music that sounds ruined. It can remove the artifacts (pop, crackle, snap) due to aging of the medium (old vinyls, cassettes etc) or improve old music that sounds outdated for today's standards.

FORMAT: stream (Spotify, Youtube, iTunes Music etc) / digital / CD / vinyl / cassette

Do you feel your track needs more character and mojo? Does it sound too lifeless or unbalanced? Or do you need an extra element?

There may be a solution for you.

For example, you can ask for:

- Creation and/or recreation of one or more sounds of your track using a collection of synths & drum machines.

- Creative mixdown using various analog and digital tools to give a professional and finalized sound to your music.

- Live dub on analog mixer with effects to give your track a more alive and warm feeling.
Audio Consulting
If you have other needs, just write me, I'll do my best to help you out. Examples of other services I offer are:

- Private one to one lessons on different subjects like recording, mixdown, mastering, Ableton Live, sound synthesis and sound design.

- Original music and/or sound design creation, when you need audio tailored for your project.

- Studio acoustics, when you need help finding the listening sweet spot of your studio, where to place monitors and acoustic panels. Little changes can make big improvements!

- Hardware live setup, when you feel in trouble on how to organize a live setup. It can be hybrid, using both computer and machines, or just hardware based. I can suggest you what gear works best for your intent.

Stereo Mastering
1 - 4 songs 30 €
5 - more 25 €
Another format + 5 €

For tracks longer than 10 minutes, podcasts, dj mixes, etc write an email for a quote.

Stem Mastering
+ 25 € for each song

40 € / h
Sound Creation / Sostitution
1 - 4 sounds 40 €
5 - more 35 €

Creative Mixdown
1 - 4 songs 90 €
5 - more 80 €

Live Dub Mix
1 - 4 songs 80 €
5 - more 70 €

I will be happy to prepare a quote for your specific needs.
Usually 40 € / h

I will be happy to prepare a quote for your specific needs.
Audio Consulting
Mastering Previews
Examples of the mastering process. You can hear an extract of the track before and after it.
Nicerizing Previews
Here you can hear the nicerizing process.

- In Audub's tracks you hear the creative mixdown plus the live dub service.

- In Babe Roots's track you hear the sound creation (chords and soundscapes) service.

- In Nebbioso's album you hear creative mixdown, sounds creation (drums and electronic parts) plus mastering (made in collaboration with Luca Tomassi).

Emanuele Pertoldi studied electronics and took a Bachelor Of Arts in Music Production.

Throughout his musical career he launched the labels Evasion Room Records and Shaded Explorations. He has played as Shaded Explorer and with other projects in various clubs and festivals in Europe.

With two colleagues he launched Evasion Room Studio, where they worked with production and post-production for music and media. Meanwhile he also taught audio subjects. After 10 years of experience in the audio field he launches Organic Audio, his own imprint that specializes in mastering but also on music production and sound design.

"I think my job should be a great balance between artistic vision and technical awareness. I do my best to take care of the sound of the artist, making her/his art shine, respecting the intention of the music. I believe beauty lies in diversity so every time my approach tries to amplify the singularity of the artist."

Please write here the link to download your files. Use services like Wetransfer, Drive, etc.
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