Useful information and video tutorials regarding the use of Cjossul Mini magnetic contact microphone & hydrophone.
Cjossul demo by Robert Dudzic

Cjossul Mini Features
1/8" Amphenol Nickel Plated Jack
3 meters shielded Sommer cable
Magnet on capsule side
Hand made in Italy with love

Cjossul Mini Usage Advices
The cable resists strains but be aware of not throwing it on cutting materials like sharp rocks
When used in salt water wash it and dry it after
Use the magnet to easily attach it to metal surfaces. For other materials you can use biadhesive, clamps or ropes.
Safe working temperature ranges from -20 °C to 50 °C
Please remember to use the capsule side on the surfaces you want to record

How to connect Cjossul to your devices
Cjossul can work straight away with a mic input but this way you'll loose some bass. To work properly it needs an HI-Z / Instrument input or a modular preamp (like Making Sound Machines Tausend dB). This way you'll hear the low frequencies better.
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