Useful information and video tutorials regarding the use of Cjossul Mini magnetic contact microphone & hydrophone.
Cjossul demo by Robert Dudzic

Cjossul Mini Features
  • 1/8" Amphenol Nickel Plated Jack
  • 3 meters shielded Sommer cable
  • Magnet on capsule side
  • Waterproof
  • Hand made in Italy with love

Cjossul Mini Usage Advices
  • Please use the magnetic side on the surfaces you want to record, that's where the mic capsule lies
  • Always remember to pull the mic from the round black enclosure and not the cable
  • The cable resists strains but be aware of not throwing it on cutting materials like sharp rocks
  • When used in salt water wash it with soft water and dry it properly afterwords
  • Use the magnet to easily attach it to metal surfaces. For other materials you can use biadhesive, clamps or ropes.
  • Safe working temperature ranges from -20 °C to 50 °C

How to connect Cjossul to your devices
Cjossul can work straight away with a mic input but this way you'll loose some bass. To work properly it needs an HI-Z / Instrument input or a modular preamp (like Making Sound Machines Tausend dB). This way you'll hear the low frequencies better.
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