Emanuele Pertoldi
Mastering Engineer, Music Producer

Emanuele Pertoldi studied electronics and took a Bachelor Of Arts in Music Production.

Throughout his musical career he launched the labels Evasion Room Records and Shaded Explorations. He has played as Shaded Explorer and with other projects in various clubs and festivals like Tresor and ClubToClub.

With two colleagues he launched Evasion Room Studio, where they worked with production and post-production for music and media till 2019. Meanwhile he also taught audio subjects at Music Academy. After 10 years of experience in the music field he launched Organic Audio, a studio that specialises in mastering and creative audio production & post.

"I think my job should be a great balance between artistic vision and technical awareness. I do my best to take care of the sound for the artists, making their art shine, respecting their intention."
Music Producer, Sound Designer
Andrea Peluso
Since 10 years, Andrea has cultivated his passion for electronic music ranging from dub acoustics to ambient and glitch. From 2014, his and Emanuele's records have been published as Tripsolate & Redundant on labels such as Nowhere, Subosc and Echogarden.

Mastering his skills of sound and music recording within Percorsi Audio - Sound Design for Music, he enhanced his production throughout a meticulous study of the essence of sound in all of its forms, from sound synthesis to environmental recordings. Research and experimentation here are the starting point and the purpose at the same time/all the while.